Latanya Sweeney, Ph.D.

I am currently the Chief Technology Officer, also called the Chief Technologist, at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). One of my goals is to make it easier for others to work on innovative solutions at the intersection of technology, policy and business. Often, I think of my students last Fall, who primarily came from computer science or governance backgrounds, and who were highly motivated to change the world. I would like to see society harness their energy and get others thinking about innovative solutions to pressing problems. I hope to use the Tech@FTC blog to facilitate explorations and ignite brainstorming on FTC-related topics.

I am currently on leave from Harvard. As Professor of Government and Technology in Residence at Harvard University, I am a computer scientist working with world-renowned government scholars. This unique cross-fertilization has been fantastic at every turn! Our mission is create and use technology to assess and solve societal, political and governance problems, and to teach others how to do the same. One focus area is data privacy, and I am the Director of the Data Privacy Lab at Harvard. There are other foci too. (more)


Where your data goes.


Preserve temporal data.


Is your data unique?


Your data under your control.


Compliant data sharing.


  Putting names to data.  


HIPAA Certification of data.



Spring 2014.